It Rose From The East Coast: The Asylum Goes After del Toro's Latest With 'Atlantic Rim'


"Pacific Rim" won't be the only robots-battling-monsters-from-the-deep feature this summer, as schlock house The Asylum preps its on more modestly-budgeted "Atlantic Rim" set off the coast of Florida.

Just in case you wondered what The Asylum was up to in the wake of their "Hobbits" defeat, they've taken aim at Guillermo del Toro's $200 million mech-vs.-monsters movie "Pacific Rim" with their own "Atlantic Rim," currently shooting now in West Florida. "Atlantic Rim," which you'll likely be seeing on SyFy and Netflix sometime around the July release of "Pacific Rim" brings together the typically odd cast of Graham Greene ("Twilight"), Naughty By Nature's Treach (aka Anthony Criss), and "Baywatch" vet David Chokachi.

News broke about the film's shoot in an appropriately modest fashion, not in the trades but via the Pensacola Digest, who spoke with the film's second unit director and University of West Florida instructor Paul Sinor about what's currently being produced under the title "From the Sea." In case there were any doubts about "From the Sea"/"Atlantic Rim's" ambitions, here's how Sinor describes the movie:

“The storyline is that these monsters come from the sea. The sea floor opens up and these things come out. They terrorize the East Coast from Miami to Washington D.C., and the good guys send them back packing.”

Oh, and in case you're interested in breaking into the film industry (well, the films that rip off other films industry), The Asylum is currently seeking pitches for unproduced features.

Gaze upon the results of low-hanging fruit with the full "Atlantic Rim" poster below:


[Source: Pensacola Digest via Dread Central]