Kickstartin': 'The Wild Places' Photo Project Hopes To Take Cosplay On A North American Road Trip

The Kickstarter campaign from photographer Anna Fischer is looking to take cosplay out of the con and into the natural splendor of America.

The cross-country project sounds like an interesting attempt to get cosplay outside of its normal comfort zone in lines, hallways, and auditoriums of the world's convention centers. Fisher, in teaming up with prominent cosplayers like Vampy, Uxi, and Dandelionwish, hopes to create a photo book/travelogue featuring her costumed collaborators all decked out in the splendor of America's natural environments. The Kickstarter campaign is being used to cover travel expenses and vehicle costs for the cross-country cosplay caravan (although it appears she's not using the proceeds from this campaign to directly fund the production of the book).

The Brookly-based Fischer is a fashion photographer who seems to have gravitated to cosplay over the years whose work has been featured in "Flaunt Magazine" and "The New York Times."

As of this writing, Fischer has already surpassed the initial modest goal of $3000 (modest for Kickstarter, at least), and at this point, she's using stretch goals to expand the scope of the book and provide backers with more free content from the project (photos, etc.).

Fischer hasn't released the full list of cosplayers participating in "The Wild Places," but you can find pics of some of the currently-announced talent below.

DandelionsWish 01

DandelionsWish 02

Dandelionwish (Facebook)

Dr Teng

Dr. Teng

Owl Depot

Owl Depot

Stella Chu 01

Stella Chu 02

Stella Chuu (Official site)

Uxi 01

Uxi (Facebook)

Vampy 01

Vampy 02

Vampy (Facebook)