Exclusive Extended Previews: 'Voltron' #11 And 'The Bionic Man' #18


We're pleased to present you with an exclusive extended sneak peek at "Voltron" #11 and "The Bionic Man" #18, both hitting stores March 20 from Dynamite Publishing:

"Voltron" #11


Commander Keith and Princess Allura love each other very much, and have done their best to remain committed to one another despite being constantly pulled away by their larger responsibilities to the Voltron Force and the planet Arus. But their best is no longer good enough, and they're both beginning to suspect that

they don't know everything there is to know about each other. That perhaps they're both keeping secrets for the so- called "greater good," that if revealed, could tear them apart forever. The shocks keep coming in "Double Blind," and it's apparent that this relationship is yet another thing at risk in this brave new world...

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by N. Steven Harris

Cover by Sean Chen

"The Bionic Man" #18:


Caught in a lethal crossfire between a growing rebellion and a vicious dictator determined to hold on to power at any cost, the Bionic Man must enlist help if he's to make it to Libue's capitol city in time to stop certain catastrophe. Once there, Steve navigates the bloody streets, desperate to locate the country's nuclear weapons before it's too late. But as time ticks away, he uncovers a plot far more insidious than he expected.

Written by Aaron Gillespie

Art by Rey Villegas

Covers by Mike Mayhew (main), Ed Tadeo (1:10)