Marvel NOW!: Nova's Triumphant Return! (video)


Writer Jeph Loeb, editor Steve Wacker, and EIC Axel Alonso all talk about Marvel's newest comic "Nova" in this exclusive episode of Marvel NOW!

Jeph Loeb discussed the genesis of this "Nova" revival:

Watch: Behind The Scenes of 'Nova'

"I just got finished doing a 3-year run on 'The Hulk,' with my pal and partner Ed McGuinness. We were looking to do something else -- and now Ed and I are currently working on 'Nova!'"

Loeb also gives us a sneek peek about who the new Nova is, and where he comes from:

"The basic idea is that Sam Alexander is a small-town kid living in a town that is literally called 'Carefree'...Sam's journey leads him into the adventure of his being Nova."

Check more Marvel NOW! video below:

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