The Daily Geek: Snake Plissken’s Origin, One Big Kaiju, Harlem Shake Of The Dead, And More

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CALL ME STUPID! So Joel Silver is developing a Snake Plissken ORIGIN story! God, they’re actually going to show us him losing his eye, aren’t they? Grrrr…

THAT’S ONE BIG KAIJU! Look at that freakin’ footprint from “Pacific Rim.”

HARLEM SHAKE OF THE DEAD! Yes it’s one of these videos, with zombies.

BAD MOTHERF&#%KER! This video for Biting Elbows is a very cool first-person action flick. NSFW for violence and bad language!

THE BAT-VILLAIN STRUT! Love these gifs by Rafa Toro. This Catwoman is my favorite.

HEEEEEEERE’S REDRUM! Go inside “The Shining” with Vulture.

THIS IS A THING! Thumbs up!

THIS! Pretty much my favorite thing of the day so far.

’Til tomorrow, gang!

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