The Daily Geek: Snake Plissken's Origin, One Big Kaiju, Harlem Shake Of The Dead, And More

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- CALL ME STUPID! So Joel Silver is developing a Snake Plissken ORIGIN story! God, they're actually going to show us him losing his eye, aren't they? Grrrr...


- THAT'S ONE BIG KAIJU! Look at that freakin' footprint from "Pacific Rim."


- HARLEM SHAKE OF THE DEAD! Yes it's one of these videos, with zombies.

- BAD MOTHERF&#%KER! This video for Biting Elbows is a very cool first-person action flick. NSFW for violence and bad language!

- THE BAT-VILLAIN STRUT! Love these gifs by Rafa Toro. This Catwoman is my favorite.


- HEEEEEEERE'S REDRUM! Go inside "The Shining" with Vulture.

- THIS IS A THING! Thumbs up!



- THIS! Pretty much my favorite thing of the day so far.


'Til tomorrow, gang!