'Everything's Coming Up Milhouse' Tells The Melancholy Tale Of Milhouse Van Houten

Allie Goertz aka Cossbysweater crafted a heart breaking homage to friend of Bart Simpson and perpetual loser Milhouse in her latest, well-performed piece of nerd folk in "Everything's Coming Up Milhouse."

Cossbysweater's music works for me when other pop culture-mentioning geeky songs don't because she interprets a specific character or title in her music rather than simply dropping a series of "Star Wars" references or the like. She's more in tune with They Might Be Giants. Geeky music for geeky people, not "geeky" music for "geeky" people. "Everything's Coming Up Milhouse" is sweet, sad, and smart. I think you'll like it.

Her album will be out on May 4th.