Morrison: His Wonder Woman Will Be 'Completely New Version'


While Grant Morrison thought the "original idea" of Wonder Woman was kinda cool, as well as that Lynda Carter TV series -- that's pretty much it. His unnamed Wonder Woman comic book for DC will both contain elements of those WW versions, and be "a completely new version."

According to an interview the writer recently did with Newsarama, he is taking a different approach with the famed amazon character than he did with his long Batman run. With the Caped Crusader, he felt he had decades of interesting material to work with -- and work into -- the stories. But to Morrison, Wonder Woman's history is a bit do I put it?

"...with Wonder Woman, I kind of read a bunch of stories and then ignored them all."


Though this point-of-view sort of does a great injustice to the George Perez years on the title, I kind of see where he's getting at. Wonder Woman just doesn't have -- at least in my opinion -- as many iconic representations or memorable story arcs as her super-powered compatriots. That might be a controversial statement -- but I just stated it. I see WW as being like a celebrity who seems to be more famous for just being a celebrity than the films she's made.

And that sort of begs for a really really awesome Wonder Woman comic to hit stands. Will Morrison's be it? Guess we'll find out!

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