'Walking Dead': This Is What Happens When You Become The Governor's Prey


By Jorge Solis

It's a race against time to save Rick and his gang before The Governor launches his first strike. In case you missed "Prey," check out the recap from MTV Splash Page. While the Governor is chasing after Andrea, there is a traitor amongst his people in Woodbury.


Realizing that a slaughter is about to happen, Milton (Dallas Roberts) reveals to Andrea (Laurie Holden) what the Governor (David Morrissey) has planned for Rick and the prison. The Governor wants Rick to give up Michonne or he will kill the rest of his friends. Milton and Andrea both spy on the Governor as he enters his homemade torture chamber. First, the Governor will strap Michonne into the dentist's chair. With his assortment of tools, he will torture Michonne to death, but still keep her alive. The Governor wants Michonne to feel his pain of losing his daughter, Penny.

To save her friends, Andrea chooses to leave, but Milton will not go along with her. Milton has to stay and try to reason with the Governor, the man he knows as Philip. Milton still has hope that Philip will listen to him. In the previous episode, "Arrow In The Doorpost," the Governor mentioned what his life was like before the outbreak. He was working for someone who was "younger and less qualified" for the job. Was the Governor actually talking about Milton? Is that how they know each other? Was Milton the boss of the Governor before the outbreak?

Just like in "Home," the Governor wanted to break down the fences and unleash the walkers upon the prison. He never expected during the night, someone would burn down the pit and the walkers. Someone amongst the Governor's people is a traitor. Is Milton the traitor or is he a red herring? Milton knew where the pit was, but the last time he was there, remember his arms were wrapped in duct tape. This person who burnt down the pit isn't afraid to get close to the walkers. Could it be Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo), the henchman in the Governor's team? Could his previous conversation with Daryl changed his mind?

The best part of the episode was the Governor's chase after Andrea. In a tribute to "North by Northwest," Andrea is standing in the middle of an empty field. There is no one around until Andrea suddenly sees a jeep passing by. Inside the jeep, The Governor is driving directly towards her. Andrea runs away for her life, while The Governor is speeding after her.

When did the Governor become Michael Myers all of a sudden? Andrea finds herself in an abandoned factory, hiding in the dark corners. Instead of a knife, the Governor has a shovel in his hand. Notice the blue lighting in the background. This looked like something you would've seen in an '80s slasher movie. With the suspenseful music from composer Bear McCreary, these were nail-biting moments of Andrea playing hide-and-seek.

Just when Andrea was about to reach the prison, the Governor stopped her from calling out to Rick. Instead of Michonne, it's now Andrea locked in the torture chamber. Nothing is going to prevent war from happening in the next episode of "The Walking Dead."