Lucha Libre Legislator Banned From Japanese City Council Meetings


Last week we told you about the Lucha Libre takeover of the entertainment industry. Now, it looks like politics are next.

The people of Oita City voted masked wrestler Skull Reaper A-ji into office to serve them as their lucha libre representative of justice and zoning ordnances. But his fellow council members have banned A-ji to further meetings until he violates the most basic tenet of lucha libre: they want him to shed his precious mask.

The 44-year-old Aji was elected based on a platform of educational reform and improved social welfare, but you have to figure voters responded, in part, to the guy willing to punish his body in the ring for carefully-choreographed brawls. The other council members disagreed, however, saying that A-ji's mask was inappropriate, citing one of the chamber rules that "a person taking the floor shall not wear items such as a hat." A-ji was subsequently blocked from his first meeting on Monday.

The wrestler, who has a history of charitable work with the community, isn't the first masked fighter to gain an electoral seat--the Telegraph points out that The Great Sasuke has been representing the Iwate Prefecture since 2003.

If you can read Japanese, feel free to find out more about A-ji and his work with the community here.

[Source: Telegraph via Philip Kollar]