The Daily Geek: Wolverine's Bloody Claws, Bruce Wayne's Enemy, And More

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- MAYBE IT'S KETCHUP? Looks like Logan's been doing a bit of killing in this "Wolverine" pic.


- WHAT THE...! Bruce Wayne's greatest enemy is Jim Gordon?


- SOLD OUT AGAIN! Dark Horse's "Star Wars" #1 sells out the the third time!

- VERONICA MOOLAH! The "Veronica Mars" Kickstarter is up to $3.6 million!

- OFFICIAL MASH-UP! Is the first official piece of Disney/Star Wars art post-Disney purchase?


- THE FIXER! Bryan Singer says he will fix a few things from "X-Men 3."

- LE MICKEY MOUSE! I love this French Mickey Mouse cartoon.

- COLLOSUS! Bryan Singer shows off his "X-Men: Days of Future Past" cast's head shots.

- LONG LIVE READER! Here are 5 Google Reader alternatives.

- JUST CUZ! Here's Freddy Mercury on Darth Vader's shoulders.

Mercury, Freddie

'Til tomorrow, gang!