See The Original Suit That Brought The Blob To Life In 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'


ComicBookMovie got an exclusive look at test footage of the original fat suit worn by Kevin Durand as he portrayed the super-duper-blobby Blob in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and what we learned from the behind-the-scenes video from StudioADI is the original Blob suit was much more mechanical.

Alec Gillis from StudioADI said:

Production was very concerned about Blob. There were two competing camps as to how to accomplish the character. One approach was to put a fat face makeup on actor Kevin Durand, dress him in green spandex with tracking markers on it, and create his entire body digitally. This would allow total control over jiggle and shake, something that can be a challenge in the practical world. The other approach was to create the most mobile, non-restrictive body suit we could, and use digital to embellish the real thing rather than totally create it.

He added:

As a hedge against the potential stiffness of a practical body suit, we suggested something we'd wanted to experiment with for years: a mechanical fat suit. Using a vest with cable mechanisms attached to it, we hoped to get the rubber body masses to shift in a way that would look natural. Director Gavin Hood loved our bold thinking as much as the actual idea itself, and we got the gig.

Once production saw that the non-mechanical fat suit was working better than expected, (and that they'd need to pay a few puppeteers to perform the effect) they decided that it wasn't really necessary. We never had the opportunity to really complete the experiment, so perhaps we'll revisit it in the future.

See the mechanical Blog suit in action over at ComicBookMovie.