Zenescope Reveals The First 3 Minutes Of Their Kickstarted 'Grimm Fairy Tales' Pilot

The crowdfunded pilot for the Titmouse-produced animated series "Grimm Fairy Tales" is finished, and Zenescope wants to show off the first three minutes of warrior woman-on-ape violence.

Last spring, the dark animated fantasy "Grimm Fairy Tales" was able to exceed its funding goal of $175,000, bringing on board "Metalocalypse" co-creator Jon Schnepp along with a voice cast that includes "Game of Thrones" actress Lena Heady and Briana Evigan.

Titmouse is the studio behind "The Venture Brothers" and the aforementioned "Metalocalypse," the latter's style kind of evident in the way the action and gore is staged but without the clean character designs (is it just me or are all of the characters totally blocky). The series takes place in the present, where fairy tales are real and the characters are waging battle for control of the Earth.


From Zenescope:

We have completed the pilot for the animated series and are in the final stages of getting all of our rewards together to ship out to the backers. Overall, our fan-base and pledgers are just excited to have been a part of the process and have been extremely supportive, and patient as we get the rewards in order.

Kickstarter gave us the opportunity to ask the people if they would want our Grimm Fairy Tales animated series, and they responded yes. We didn't have to go through the Hollywood process, and still came out with an A+ product, with a ton of talent on board. We hope more individuals with great ideas use Kickstarter as a way to make their projects a reality, but also to gauge the interest.

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