The Horrors Of Kickstarter


So you guys heard about this "Veronica Mars" Kickstarter thing, right? So far, I'm pretty sure it made a trillion dollars and it still has almost a whole month to go. All this Kickstarter talk prompted me to venture into the deep, dark, murky depths of the hope-to-be-Kickstarted horror projects to pick out a few that I think might be worth your time and dough.

STARRY EYES - A feature film of paranoia and possession

Goal: $50,000 Time left: 12 Days

"Starry Eyes" is a supernatural occult horror flick about a wanna be starlit who gets infected with an STD (sexually transmitted demon!). This looks like a fun one. Here's the official word:

Starry Eyes tells the story of Sarah Walker, a determined and desperate actor who would do anything to land her first big role. Unfortunately this leaves her prey to a satanic cult who has been operating as Hollywood’s gatekeepers since the Golden Age. They have the power to make her a star, but it comes at a terrible price.

What follows is an occult tale of paranoia and possession that explores themes of transformation, body horror and a woman going through a psychotic breakdown. Ira Levin meets David Cronenberg.

Rewards: Credits on the film, posters, Blu-ray, t-shirt, and even a Thank You from "Fight Club" author Chuck Palahniuk in his newest book.

CineManiac: Horror Edition

Goal: $18,000 Time left: 44 days

This nicely illustrated card-based party game is played simultaneously as you watch horror movies with your friends. You can play cards that coincide with plot points and use curse cards to humiliate your buddies. $18,000 seems high, so I would love a breakdown of where the money goes.

Here's the official word:

CineManiac: Horror Edition is the interactive card game you play while watching scary movies. The rules are simple: score points by using Plot cards that coincide with what's happening on screen. Holding a card that you don't like? Just play it face down, lose a couple points, and draw a new one!

Rewards: Print and play, and physical versions of the game, exclusive cards, original art, and more.

Once Upon A Horror

Goal: $55,000 Time left: 25 Days

A "Tales from the Crypt"-esque horror anthology series hosted by scream queen Tiffany Shepis that will not only feature 30 min shorts from established filmmakers, but from up and comers and students as well.

ONCE UPON A HORROR is a collection of four titillating and terrifying tales in the tradition of “CREEPSHOW” and “TALES FROM THE CRYPT”.

Our new series created by Rolfe Kanefsky, Once Upon A Horror, will consist of four short horror stories, Once Upon A Horror, Truth Be Told, With All my Heart, and Beast and the Beauty. These four short films will be cut together into a 90 minute pilot, which will be used to launch a weekly anthology TV series of terror tales, titled Once Upon A Horror, as well as a feature film for DVD distribution. Our ultimate goal, once the series is up and running, is to use this as a launching pad to discover new upcoming filmmakers. Filmmakers from all over the world with a passion for all things horror will be encouraged to submit their own horror shorts or short horror scripts to ONCE UPON A HORROR, where they will be selected as future upcoming episodes to air on Once Upon A Horror. This will not only be a platform for new horror films, but to showcase the talent of independent filmmakers from all over the world who would not normally have an opportunity to show their abilities.

Rewards: Script download, posters, digital copies, credits, screeners, and more.

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