Miike's Next Manga Adaptation 'Arcana' Has Its Ghost Talking Heroine


Actress Tao Tsuchiya ("Ultraman Zero: The Movie," "Tokyo Sonata") has taken the lead of an amnesiac who can talk to ghosts in director Takashi Miike's next upcoming feature "Arcana."

Asian Media Wiki reports that Tsuchiya will play Maki, a young woman suffering from memory loss who can speak to the dead. She's drafted by Detective Murakami (Masataka Nakagauchi, "The Boy Inside") to help stop a mad bomber. During the course of the investigation, Maki and Murakami will discover the young woman's true identity.

I'm hoping that the premise will let us see some of the madman Miike who adapted "MPD Psycho" for TV back in 2000, and not the sedate one who's been working steadily and seemingly without much inspiration for a few years (although "Ace Attorney" fun, as far as it goes). You know what, that's not completely fair: Miike's been churning out decent to very good work in recent years ("13 Assassins" seemed to draw in a whole new audience for him), I just miss the unhinged "Gozu"-era output that wasn't afraid to make the audience uncomfortable or freak them right the hell out.

The film is based on the 2000-2001 manga of the same name by writer Yua Kotegawa, and it's Miike's second film for 2013 behind the cop drama "The Straw Shield" which sounds amazing. Kotegawa's 2000-2002 manga "Anne Freaks" seems like it would be ripe for adaptation by Miike as well.

"Arcana" is expected to hit theaters in Japan sometime this fall.

[Source: Asian Media Wiki]

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