'Vampire Diaries' Recap: Elena 'Brings It On'


By Kendra Beltran

Finally, after a couple weeks wondering what the new and (un)improved Elena was going to be like, we got it with the "Vampire Diaries" episode “Bring It On.” Okay, the “un” is up for debate, but the whole night I was like “girl, you need to calm the heck down.” Plus, Klaus has game, Damon and Rebekah search for the cure and can everyone agree that Caroline deserves a big hug?

Let’s talk about the belle of the ball first, Elena. If it wasn’t obvious she had no emotion, it was clear when she crumpled up the flyer for her brother’s memorial and showed more interest in rejoining the cheer squad, and then fed on a rival cheerleader. “I like your bow” has never sounded so menacing. For someone who claims “emotions are useless” Elena looked pretty jealous when Stefan got chummy with Caroline and the party Elena threw to let loose. I’m betting her emotions are on, she’s just ignoring them. You sense that too?

Stand by Me

Quick note about Klaus and Hayley…He saves her from and one thing leads to another and sexy time ensues. When she gets up he says the mark on her back means she’s part of some awesome werewolf clan. With Klaus being as shady as Eminem, I couldn’t tell if he was being truthful, or if he was just trying to get a second go at Hayley. Either way, score one for Klaus.

The vampire that tried to get Hayley is the one Damon and Rebekah are hunting down, because he could have info to Katherine and the infamous cure. Long story short, they find him, he is obviously some dude named Will from Damon’s past and, instead of getting info, Damon just rips his heart out. Really? All this time invested in finding him and that’s it? Come on Damon, keep your head in the game. If that’s how it’s going to be, this cure is never going to be found.

Then there’s poor Caroline. Hopelessly devoted to Tyler she keeps leaving messages and then gets a note that says he’s not coming back. So she loses her love and then her BFF is a total Be-otch. Elena drops her at the cheer match and then they get into a pretty hardcore fight in the woods. Dear Caroline, come here: you need some love after all that.


My favorite part is that Damon seems to be on board with Stefan about curing Elena and keeping her on track, but when Elena insists Damon likes her better bad....well things get interesting. No sexy time. Yet. Whoever Will is, he sparks something in Damon and he and Elena head to the Big Apple.

So next week we’ll get to see Elena feed on some New Yorkers and we’ll get to find out who this Will fellow is and why he has a hold on Damon. Also, let’s hope Caroline catches a break.

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