The Voice Over Is An Insult: Studio Execs Did Not Care For 'Blade Runner'


It took a while for "Blade Runner" to earn the status that it has today as a beloved piece of visually-arresting and narratively confounding sci-fi. But back during a 1981 screening of the film for the executives at Tandem Productions, it was described by one unnamed writer as getting "more boring with every screening."

Just goes to show you can't always recognize genius from the start.

The list was first posted by Cinephilia & Beyond, and although I haven't seen any independent corroboration of the document, there's just something hilarious about a gang of angry suits gnashing their teeth and demanding more breasts in the Zhora club scene.

To my mind, "Blade Runner" and "Brazil" will be inextricably linked by the same kind of aggressive studio interference and ultimate box office disappointment ("Blade Runner" only netted $6 million during its theatrical run). Both movies have gone from cult classics to well-regarded pieces of genre fiction. And each has had so many versions released over the years that we're finally able to see how both movies evolved from their initial vision to corporate-compromised boondoggle, to something beloved by fans for decades.

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