The First Episode Of 'Bates Motel' Is Streaming Early

Watch: Bates Motel First Look Theatrical Trailer

At least for Comcast/Xfinity customers. The upcoming A+E prequel/reimagining "Bates Motel" makes its debut on March 18, but the network is letting the first episode go live to cable subscribers.

The series stars "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" actor Freddie Highmore as young Norman and "The Departed"/"Running Scared" actress Vera Farmiga as a momma who just wants to protect her son. It's the latest attempt to give Norman more backstory and anguish leading up to his killing spree in the original "Hitchcock" film.

The premiere episode is available via the Xfinity/Comcast site right now (account required).

[Source: Shock Till You Drop]