New Walking Dead FUNKO Toys Make the Apocalypse Adorable

By Zack Smith

The collapse of civilization in a zombie apocalypse and subsequent devolution of the survivors into desperate savagery has never looked more adorable, thanks to these new FUNKO toys based on Image Comics’ and AMC’s “The Walking Dead“!

FUNKO’s released a series of new pictures of Series 2 of their “Walking Dead” POP! vinyl figures, including Glenn, Michonne, Michonne’s “pets” and the tank zombie from the first episode.

Roll that beautiful walker footage!


Exclusives include:

Blood Splatter Michonne – Harrison’s Comics
Blood Splatter Michonne Walkers #1 & #2 – Harrison’s Comics
Blood Splatter Glenn – Man of Action Figures
Blood Splatter Tank Zombie – Fugitive Toys
Mud Splatter/Glow in the Dark Michonne + Pet Walkers 3-Pack – Diamond Comics

The figures will be available April 4 – and considering that FUNKO’s press says that “The Walking Dead” is their most popular license, they’ll go fast, like human survivors in this harsh, deadly landscape.

Yeah, the contrast between subject matter and adorableness is kinda stark, huh?

Planning to get these?  Let us know!

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