New Reverse-Flash FUNKO Exclusive at Dallas Comic-Con!


By Zack Smith

The Flash’s greatest enemy is about to “Zoom” to the Dallas Comic-Con with this exclusive DC Comics Reverse-Flash FUNKO figure – available only at the show.

Fans can pre-order the Reverse-Flash toy on this website to pick up at the show on May 17-19 – but they’d better “think fast” (yeah, more speed puns, deal with it).  The figure is just limited to 2,000 pieces – along with an even more limited 500-piece glow-in-the-dark edition, because nothing says “Evil Yellow Speedster” like bioluminescence.

For those not up on their comic book history, the Reverse-Flash, aka “Professor Zoom,” was a fan of the Flash from the future named Eobard Thawne, who discovered a Flash costume left in a time capsule that he chemically treated to gain the Flash’s powers for himself and wreak havoc through time.

This combination of god-like power and time-traveling ability resulted in many chaotic storylines, including one that ended the Silver Age Flash comic in the 1980s where he killed the Flash’s wife Iris (she got better) and was later killed himself by the Flash to keep him from killing again.  Later, another time-travel story saw a younger version of him unknowingly impersonate the Barry Allen Flash, while a new Reverse-Flash simply known as “Zoom” subsequently battled Barry Allen’s successor Wally West.

Still later, the original Reverse-Flash came back to battle the resurrected Barry Allen, speaking in strained “Professor” metaphors (“Class is in session!”), and stuck in a thing where he couldn’t actually kill the Flash without preventing his own origin, and then there was some big crossover called “Flashpoint” involving alternate worlds and he got killed again but could still come back and then the Flash altered the timeline by mistake so everyone’s costume had more seams.

That’s the short version.

Going to Dallas Comic-Con – and planning to get this FUNKO?  Let us know!