Review: 'Game of Thrones' #13


By Jorge Solis

As Tyrion Lannister is held prisoner, he must face trial for his crimes or be executed in "Game of Thrones" #13 (Dynamite Entertainment). If Tyrion is found guilty, then he will be thrown off the cliff of a mountain. But, Tyrion isn't going to lose his edge, because he has one last trick up his sleeve.

Heavy on plot, there is a lot going on in a single issue. Jon Stark has just been sworn as a brother of the Night's Watch. Unwanted by his family, Jon tries to find his place with his new brothers. But something troubles his mind, which is why Jon has to take leave during the midnight hours. Elsewhere, Catelyn and Lysa want their prisoner, Tyrion, to face his trial and execution. Tyrion's death will be the only thing that will quench their bloodlust.

In his adaptation of "Book One: A Song Of Ice and Fire," Daniel Abraham keeps the tone of George R.R. Martin's prose. Using captions, Abraham is able to keep the stylish eloquence of the text. I did though feel something was missing from the issue. I just wished there was dialogue from Tyrion, who doesn't say much in this issue. After watching Peter Dinklage's spot-on performance, I did want to see Tyrion's dialogue in the comic book page.

Abraham brings in subplots from the novel, which you haven't seen in the TV show. There is a longer interaction between Catelyn and Lysa. The sisters are both fueled by vengeance towards the Lannister clan. They want justice at any cost but are so blinded by their hatred. The lengthy dialogue feels necessary in order to explain why they are both planning Tyrion's death, even though he is innocent.

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