So This 'Veronica Mars' Movie Kickstarter Is Really Happening [Updated With New Information!]

Update: The "Veronica Mars" movie has just become the fastest Kickstarter campaign to reach $1 million dollars. As of this writing (3:16pm EST), the movie has earned $1,028,621, in around 4 1/2 hours, and that number is growing higher with every refresh. Previously, the video game "Torment: Tides of Numenura" was the champ, earning $1 million in just over 7 hours. Based on the excitement surrounding this project, the movie should sail WAY past its goal of $2 million, as it still has 30 days left to go!

Show creator Rob Thomas has taken to Kickstarter to resurrect the beloved and short-lived series as a feature. And judging by the nearly $100,000 it's picked up in less than a day, you guys are really into a "Veronica Mars" movie.

First off the big points: this isn't some fan film or web project. Thomas, who created the series nearly ten years ago is the one driving the campaign and he's been able to rope in the original cast for the project including star Kristen Bell (who even offers a message to fans on the project page).

Barring any additional complications with the talent's schedules, Thomas is hoping to go into pre-production as soon as the $2 million goal for the campaign is reached, and then head into actual production this summer. And in case you were wondering if this was going to languish somewhere for a couple of years on a shelf at a studio, he's lined up Warner Bros. (who owns the rights to the show) to distribute the film theatrically when it's completed.

As for the story, the film would take Veronica out of the the small town of Neptune where she's long since been done with the mystery-solving business. But something big (along with her ten-year high school reunion) brings her back.

Like "Buffy" before it, "Veronica Mars" was great at viewing genre through the lens of high school (although Thomas' show winked at the viewer a bit less). It also got dark--really dark, opening as it does with the murder of our protagonist's best friend. So how will things look for Veronica ten years on? Is she a mess after life in Neptune? Stronger? Who knows, but bringing back the show in this ways is one of the more exciting developments to happen on Kickstarter recently.

[Source: The Veronica Mars Movie Project]

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