Check Out Art From ‘Batman and Red Robin’ #19, ‘Batman’ #19, And ‘Batgirl’ #19

The first post-Damian death issue of “Batman and Robin” that will see Bruce’s return to action with a temp partner (until someone gets the full-time gig) will be “Batman and Red Robin” #19, and thanks to DC’s The Source blog, we’ve got a sneak peek at the art from that issue as well as upcoming “Batman” and “Batgirl” installments.

After “Batman and Red Robin” #19, Bats then joins forces with Jason Todd for “Batman and Red Hood” #20, and Barbara Gordon in “Batman and Batgirl” #21. We also see a guest-spot from “Justice League Dark” member Frankenstein. Could he be strapping on the tights and green elf shoes as Batman’s next ward? Most likely.

Check out the art below.

“Batman and Red Robin” #19:

“Batman” #19:

“Batgirl” #19:

Each issue will be out on April 10.