The Daily Geek: 'Kick-Ass 2,' Grumpy Cat Rules All, 'Pacific Rim' Sweded, And More

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- KICK-ASS! The trailer for "Kick-Ass 2" is coming today at noon exclusively on MTV! Check back later.


- I'M GETTING EXCITED FOR THIS! Supes and Lois don the cover of "Total Film."


- HURM! Did "Watchmen" kill the "Bioshock" movie?

- WHEDON WANTS NEW! If Joss Whedon directed "Star Wars," Luke, Leia, and Han would stay in the past, where they belong.

- JUST WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS! Some guy invented an Oreo separator. Cool.

- GRUMPY CAT BREAKS THROUGH! Check out this sign spotted in a Whole Foods.


- COOL ART ALERT! Love this "Batgirl" #21 cover by Alex Garner.


- SWEDED! The "Pacific Rim" trailer gets remade.

'Til tomorrow, gang!