A New 'Venture Brothers' Trailer. A NEW 'Venture Brothers' Trailer. A NEW 'VENTURE BROTHERS' TRAILER!

Season five of "Venture Brothers" is on the way in May, and the show's creators have cut this five-minute promo together to whet your appetite.

Monarch the Merciless. Jonas Sr. flashbacks. The boys dead... again? The clip is chock full of new and returning characters and series creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer's usual penchant for loading each episode with plenty of stealth and overt cultural references.

Outside of the intro from Colonel Gathers (wait, he got a promotion in the back half of season four, right?), there's not a lot of VO in this promo clip, and I'm wondering if all of the season five episodes are fully voiced at this stage.

Season five will premiere on May 19 at Midnight on Adult Swim as part of the two-season block ordered by the network--hopefully that means we'll have less than a two-year wait between this and the next season of "Venture Brothers."