Joe Hill's 'Thumbprint' Comes To IDW


"Locke and Key" creator, Joe Hill re-teams with his "The Cape" collaborator, Jason Ciaramella for the three-issue "Thumbprint" featuring art and covers by Vic Malhotra.

"Thumbprint" is based on Hill's novella of the same name and is about:

When Private Mallory Grennan is dishonorably discharged from the US Army, she hopes to start a new life back home, far away from the things she’d seen and done in Abu Ghraib prison. Mal’s crimes, committed beneath a harsh Arabian sun, throw a shadow long enough to reach all the way to the United States. What started there, will end here – in blood. Over Thumbprint’s three gripping issues, fans will truly feel what it’s like to be haunted… and hunted.

Ciaramella said "Thumbprint" was difficult to bring to adapt because, "the themes the story explores are haunting, and deeply disturbing. I had to step out of myself in order to capture the true horror of it without letting my personal agendas seep in." Hill said, Ciaamella is the perfect writer to work on "Thumbprint," saying, "...he turns brutality into surreal comedy and back again faster than a magician turning a scarf into a dove." Hill adds that artist Malhotra, "draws with a severe grace, and brings to mind the work Mazzucchelli was doing in 'Batman: Year One' – and I think we’ve got all the ingredients for something that can really explode off the page.”

"Joe Hill's Thumbprint" #1 will be in stores June 19, 2013.