New Target Exclusive Justice League Figures Available!


By Zack Smith

Attention Target shoppers – there’s now a store-exclusive seven-pack of action figures based on the “New 52” version of DC Comics’ Justice League with Superman, Batman and more!

Retailing for $50, the pack includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Cyborg.  It’s available at Target shops or online at, where there’s a zoom-able .gif of the set.

In addition, Toy Ark reports that individually-carded versions of Superman, Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern have been seen at Target, along with Batman and his Batcycle and Superman with his “Steel Cycle”…we have no idea why Superman would need a motorcycle either, but branding sells.


The figures appear to be an odd mixture of old and new parts and paint jobs.  For example, the Batman is clearly from the Batman: The Brave and the Bold toy line, but with a new paint job, while the Wonder Woman seems to have her head sculpt taken from the Justice League Unlimited line and Green Lantern comes from the Justice League sub-line from the series The Batman and others appear to have been compiled from parts similar to the younger-oriented Super Friends

..attempting to parse all the parts might drive you crazy.  Look, it’s the Justice League and let’s leave it at that, okay?

For those who need a refresher, the characters’ designs are based off the “New 52” relaunch in late 2011, triggered when The Flash went back in time and changed history so that several sub-universes were now part of the DC Universe regular, and everyone’s costumes were now designed by Jim Lee and had way more seams.  As pointed out elsewhere, as the titles are now at the 18-issue mark and there are just 50 of them, they are no longer “New” or “52,” but again – branding sells.

Planning to get these figures?  Let us know!