Lucha Libre To Take Over Entertainment Industry


The Mexican wrestling league Lucha Libre AAA has just inked a deal, according to The Hollywood Reporter, to expand its franchise "through live events and sponsorship, pay-per-view television, scripted and nonscripted series, licensing and merchandise."

That roughly translates to: everything WWE is doing, plus a cartoon, an "America's Next Big Luchadore" televised competition, a "The Bachelor (but with Lucha Libre)" reality show, and maybe a scripted TV series where Lucha Libre are like the A-Team.

But seriously, folks: Lucha Libre  is a highly popular form of pro-wrestling, often featuring colorful masks, which has been the inspiration for everything from Rob Zombie's "The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto," to the WB's cartoon "¡Mucha Lucha!," to the Jack Black movie "Nacho Libre." The luchadores iconography is also omnipresent in the world of video games ("Tekken," "The King Of The Fighters," "Saints Row: The Third"), as well as pop-culture in general.

With the South American entertainment markets rapidly expanding both on their home turf and in the United States, turning Lucha Libre into a full-service, multimedia franchise is a very smart move. Look out, WWE!

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