'Walking Dead' Recap: It's Rick Versus The Governor in 'Arrow In The Doorpost'


By Jorge Solis

This is the episode that "The Walking Dead" fans have been waiting months for. Rick and The Governor finally meet face-to-face for the first time. In case you missed the repeat of "Arrow In The Doorpost," check out this recap MTV Splashpage has for you. While Rick and the Governor are negotiating their own peace treaty, Daryl and Hershel stand guard against Woodbury's best team.

Spoilers Ahead!

Viewers get to witness how divisive the Governor (David Morrissey) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) are as leaders. The two have their top men stand guard outside the meeting place. While Hershel (Scott Wilson) is driving around, Daryl (Norman Reedus) suspects something is already up when he discovers a dead walker lying on the ground. Events take a turn for the worst as Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo), Andrea (Laurie Holden), and Milton (Dallas Roberts) suddenly show up.

This is the episode where the fan favorites finally intermingle. Viewers have Martinez, created for the comics, and Daryl, created for the TV show, interacting with each other. As soon as they spot some walkers, the two start their own zombie-killing contest. Martinez uses his baseball bat as he gets up and personal with the walkers. After bashing their heads in, Martinez is impressed at how Daryl can throw a knife across and hit the bulls eye right on a walker's forehead.


These two tough guys then have an interesting conversation. As they share a cigarette and smoke to pass the time, Martinez opens up about himself. Daryl understands that Martinez went through tremendous losses during the outbreak. They may hate each other's guts but there is mutual respect for each other. Martinez warns Daryl that it doesn't matter what the Governor and Rick are talking about, war is still going to happen.

Tension starts to cool down as Hershel and Milton have their own conversation. Putting hatred aside, Hershel is reading Milton's notebook while talking about his amputation. Hershel represents the scientific discovery that Milton has been looking for. Through trial and error, Hershel found a way to stop the spread of the infection. This is the major breakthrough Milton has been looking for, and he needs to do his lab tests on Hershel right away. But, Milton cannot continue with his experiments if the Governor slaughters them all.


Everyone else at the prison just can't seem to get along with Merle (Michael Rooker). Tired of sitting around and doing nothing, Merle starts a fight with Glenn (Steven Yuen). While the two are wrestling, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) jumps in and puts Merle in a chokehold. Michonne (Danai Gurira) is doing her best to prevent Merle from stabbing Glenn. It takes Beth (Emily Kinney) to come in and save the day as she fires a bullet from her gun. Did you see how mad Beth was at everyone when they stopped fighting?

So what really went on in the peace treaty between Rick and the Governor? Using his deadly charm, the Governor is actually testing Rick and uses Andrea's knowledge against him, mentioning Shane and baby Judith. The Governor wants to see if he can strike a nerve in Rick's ego. Now that the Governor has seen Rick at his weakest, does anyone at the prison have a chance to survive the upcoming war in the next "The Walking Dead?"

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