Exclusive Reveal: DC Collectibles Brings New Green Lantern And Batman Toys To WonderCon And C2E2


As you can see in our exclusive video below, at this year's WonderCon in Anaheim and C2E2 in Chicago, DC Collectibles will have on hand a new 3.75" PVC Green Lantern two-pack featuring bowl-cutted former cop Guy Gardner (with projected baseball bat) and man (thing?) of the hour, Larfleeze (with little buddy Glomulus). The set will be $30 at the Graphitti Designs booth.

Watch: DC Collectibles 'Green Lantern' And Aardman Batman Figures Reveal

Also, fans will be able to buy a beautifully-sculpted two-pack featuring Aardman-ified Classic Batman and Robin from DC Nation's shorts on Cartoon Network. Batman is 6.375” and and Robin is a lanky 9.5”. Batman and Robin will also be at the Graphitti Designs booth, and will come in at $40.

WonderCon runs March 29-31 in Anaheim, California. C2E2 is April 26-28 in Chicago, Illinois.