Sequel To 'Evil Dead' Remake Already In The Works


[Image source: Shiloh Fernandez Source]

Judging by my Twitter feed over the weekend, the reaction to "Evil Dead" at South By Southwest has been generally pretty positive. Some critics and fans have been lapping up the buckets of blood and gallons of gore from the Fede Alvarez remake (you're welcome for the imagery).

Apparently the money men and women behind the film at Sony are so confident that "Evil Dead" will kill it next month, they've already commissioned work on a sequel, according to Shock Till You Drop.

"Evil Dead" isn't out until April 5, but that's not stopping Sony and producers Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Robert Tapert from capitalizing on the early word of mouth and speaks to their confidence that they have a hit on their hands. It's weird seeing the franchise pushed out of the beloved indie territory into full-blown franchise (although you could say that Universal backing "Army of Darkness" 20 years ago was the start).

I'm holding back my excitement, obviously: while the trailer for the remake have been truly things of gruesome beauty, Sony might have just been giving good trailer (very good, actually). The proof will be in the world that Alvarez sets up by the conclusion of his film (and really, whether fans beyond the genre-friendly South By crowd embrace the movie when it goes wide).

[Source: Shock Till You Drop via The Horror Bid]

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