Five Real-Life Restaurant Ideas Based On TV Shows


By Kendra Beltran

Imagining yourself in your favorite TV show is as common as breathing. I often daydream me and Dexter Morgan are in love, I eat all my meals at The Max, and that my college experience was half as insane as "Community". Alas none of that is possible, but for fans of "The Vampire Diaries," here’s some good news for you. Mystic Grill will soon be a reality.

The new owners of the Covington Square building that’s served as the Mystic Grill front want to turn it into an actual place to eat by this summer. Just think, you could have a drink with Damon, dine with Caroline or play pool with Elena. Okay, so maybe none of those things will happen. But it will be a place for "TVD" viewers to come and experience, as well as buy merchandise from the show. Since "TVD" fans are getting their dream hangout spot, why can’t fans of other shows? Here are some ideas to toss out there to any prospective entrepreneurs who also happen to be TV addicts.

Dexter themed Bakery: Dexter’s Slice of Life


Of course named after Dexter’s boat, this bakery would serve as a place for all things sugar dependent people craved after midnight. When else would it be open? Dexter’s up all hours of the night, so why not make the eatery follow the same pattern? Just think about the mouthwatering “Deb’s Explicit Content Maple Bars” and “The LaGuerta Cheese Danish” (because she was a rat that needed to be stopped). Oh yes, and the baristas would be called “Batistas,” no doubt about it.

True Blood’s Merlotte’s Bar and Grill


This one’s pretty obvious. It’s a place in the show, so it’d be pretty easy to replicate in real life. The plans are already there, so someone go and make it happen. There’d have to be a Sam Merlotte cardboard cutout that stood in the waiting area, and menu items ranging from “Shapeshifter Fries” to the “Sookie Soaked in Steak Sauce Stackhouse Steaks” would be available for patrons of all species.

Adventure Time themed Kid’s Party Destination: Candy Kingdom


If Chuck E. Cheese ever took a dramatic turn, it’d end up as Candy Kingdom. The structure itself would be considered a work of art, so much so that it’d cheapen it to make a lot of these places. So to keep the look at its best, there’d be only three; New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. It’d be bright, feature all your favorite characters walking around and the games would be inspired by all of Jake and Finn’s adventures.

Bob’s Burgers


Like with Merlotte’s, this one’s already done for you, you just have to make it happen. Of course the only thing would be that it wouldn’t be attached to the Belcher’s home. It’d be a stand-alone diner, but have all the charm of Bob and the family. The cooks would all wear Bob-like outfits, pretty easy to find white aprons and if possible, they’d all have mustaches. The hostesses would be Lindas and the waiters and waitresses would be an assortment of Tinas, Genes and Louises (bunny ears, a necessity of course).

The Walking Dead themed Undead Experience: Walker’s & Sons


The name of the place takes the zombies and mixes it with the humanistic idea of family. Don’t think of this place like Denny’s or Applebee’s though. The gore of the show would be translated into the restaurants décor; flesh on the walls, sections that mirror cells and of course weaponry. The waiters would be also be a mix of walkers and survivors. Depending on where you sat, you could have an unsettling waiter, or a grimy Rick looking fellow. The food would be casual home cooking that could soothe anyone during a zombie outbreak.

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