Netflix Tattoo Earns Fan Free Subscription


College student and Twitter user @TheRealMyron (real name Myron Robinson) REALLY likes Netflix. So much so that -- completely of his own, unprompted volition -- his tattooed the company's name on...his arm(?) and promptly tweeted a pic. Netflix responded by awarding him with a year of free streaming. I'd give a lifetime of free streaming if it were me, but I guess a year is nice too.

When asked by folks on Twitter why he would take such extreme measures to show his love for a company that by all accounts he has nothing to do with, @TheRealMyron's responded by simply stating the following:

A one year subscription to Netflix costs $96. According to, a tattoo costs, on average, about $100 an hour, plus tip. Also, it like totally doesn't come off. Ever.

[Source: The Daily Dot]