What Does Hulk Taste Like? PINEAPPLES!


Funky Monkey Snacks joined with Marvel to unleash some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes into food stores in the shape of tiny, sweet, freeze-dried, juicy treats!

Here's the flavors, based on versions of characters from Marvel's Avengers Assemble:

Ultimate Strawberries featuring the amazing web slinger, Spider-Man (1 oz., 6 servings of fruit*)

Incredible Pineapples featuring the most smashing Avenger, The Hulk (1.5 oz., 6 servings of fruit*)

Mighty Bananas featuring the brave, other-worldly Avenger, Thor (2.25 oz., 6 servings of fruit*)

Legendary Cinnamon Apples featuring the super strong Avenger, Captain America (1.5 oz., 4 servings of fruit*)

Invincible Strawberry Bananas featuring the Armored Avenger, Iron Man (1.5 oz., 5 servings of fruit*)

Strawberry Bananas 2-26-13.jpg

Pineapples 2-26-13.jpg

Cinnamon Apples 2-26-13.jpg

Strawberries 2-26-13.jpg

Bananas 2-26-13.jpg

Funky Monkey's Marvel snacks are out April 1, 2013. Check out Funky Monkey Snacks for more info.

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