Michonne, Glenn, And Merle Are Butting Heads On Sunday's The Walking Dead


By Jorge Solis

At the end of last week's "The Walking Dead," Rick, Carl, and Michonne brought back tons of guns, ammo, and a bloody backpack from their road trip. In case you missed Robert Kirkman's appearance on "Conan," check out these interview snippets from MTV Splashpage. Kirkman also revealed a brand-new clip from this Sunday's upcoming episode, "Arrow On The Doorpost."

After watching the clip, don't you just get a weird feeling that something bad is going to happen? It looks like everybody is gearing up for battle. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is loading and testing out her sniper rifle. Glenn (Steven Yuen) hands over boxes of bullets to Carl (Chandler Riggs), who knows what to do with them. Even Beth (Emily Kinney), who hasn't been involved in a lot of action, has a gun in her hand. Maybe Rick is taking his son's advice and stepping down for a bit, because Glenn is now asserting himself as the leader of the team. Trouble is definitely brewing because Merle (Michael Rooker) is watching them closely from the background.

As soon as Glenn starts giving out orders, Merle throws out his own opinion. Being the rebel, Merle thinks they should be leading an attack on The Governor, rather than stand around and protect the prison. Because he almost killed her, Michonne (Danai Gurira) isn't going to jump in and follow Merle's lead. Notice how Michonne says, "We told Rick and Daryl that we'd stay put." Michonne now feels part of Rick's team and isn't going to betray his trust.

But, does Merle have a point? Should they be heading towards Woodbury, only to kill The Governor? Do any of them have the guts to actually finish the job that Andrea couldn't? Merle has his own reasons, but he is thinking about his brother, Daryl. Knowing the Governor, Merle believes Daryl's life is in real danger and wants to protect him.

The clip demonstrates how Glenn, Michonne, and Merle are having their own battle of wits. Because they each have a stubborn personality, no one is going to back down from the argument. Can these three pull it together or will they lose to the Governor on Sunday's "The Walking Dead?"