The Weekend Geek: 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' 'Shadowman,' 'Astro City' And More

Welcome to MTV Geek's "Weekend Geek"! Our weekly round-up of all things GEEK from the weird, wild world of MTV GEEK! These are the most viewed, most exciting, most intriguing, and most mosting links from the week at Geek!

- TREES AND RACOONS THAT TALK! Go behind the scenes of Marvel NOW's "Guardians of the Galaxy" with Brian Michael Bendis, Steve Wacker, Steve McNiven, and others.

Watch: Marvel NOW: Guardians of the Galaxy

- VOODOO AND JAZZ! JMS talks writing the screenplay for the "Shadowman" movie.

Watch: JMS On The Shadowman Movie

- MIYAMOTO! The King of Nintendo discusses "Hyrule Historia" and more!

Watch: Miyamoto On Hyrule Historia

- ASTRO CITY RETURNS! Kurt Busiek talks bringing back his creator-owned superhero series.

- UH OH! Could Orson Scott Card write Batwoman next ?! (no)

- D-E-D DEAD! Disney says it's done with 2D animation.

- THERE ARE PROBABLY MORE THAN 5, RIGHT? Here are 5 reasons to get all jazzed for the new season of "Game of Thrones".

- GEORGE LUCAS IS SAD! Peek behind the curtain of the Disney/Lucasfilm deal.

- ONE DIR-X-MEN! Here is a picture of One Direction as the X-Men!

- EVERY TIME DC KILLS ANOTHER KID...AN ANGEL GETS...I DON'T KNOW... Another day, another shocking death in a DC comic.

- STAR WARS: EPISODE VII: SUNDOWNERS SYNDROME! Carrie Fisher kinda confirmed her involvement in the new "Star Wars".

- STREET FIGHT! Is there a gang war brewin' between Marvel and DC? Marvel seems to think so.

- IS FOX REALLY THE BAD GAL HERE? Peter Laird voices his opinion on the casting of Megan Fox as April O'Neil.

- QUIT IT! There will never be an "Evil Dead 4" stop asking!

- I (STILL) WANT TO BELIEVE! There will be a 10th season of "X-Files"... in comics!

- WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should superheroes use guns? A look at the recent trigger-happy issue of "Superior Spider-Man". Hit the comments below or tweet your thoughts @MTVGeek!

crop Superior_Spider-Man__5_cover_by_Giuseppe_Camuncoli

'Til next week, gang!

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