Check Out This Chic 'Star Wars' Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case!


By Zack Smith

If you can’t get enough of a dashing rogue helplessly frozen mid-struggle while his friends and loved ones look on in horror, Kotobukiya’s new Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite business card holders are for you!

Yes, the Japanese company is producing a series of sleek metal business card cases based on Solo’s imprisonment – and they’re so cool that if you don’t have business cards, you might just want to get some printed up to store in this.

We all remember that great scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Solo, betrayed by his best bro Lando Calrissian to Darth Vader on the Cloud City of Bespin, gets flash-frozen by Boba Fett to be hauled off to Jabba the Hutt just as Princess Leia declares her love for him..

…dammit, I’m getting misty-eyed just typing this.  Let’s watch it again!

And now you can remind your friends, associates and new acquaintances of this every time you give them a business card!

The iconic image of Solo-on-the-block has inspired any number of novelty items, ranging from the amusing to the kinda-disturbing.

There’s the ice tray from ThinkGeek (which has their own, less-shiny version of the business card case that’s also spring-loaded), so you can literally have Solo on ice.

There’s the iPhone case, which works in terms of how the iPhone’s shape conforms to the dimensions of the Solo-block in miniature.

Coming soon is a new bank from Diamond Select Toys,  so you can remember to save your pennies and not wind up in debt to a giant gangster-slug thing.


…getting into eerier and more-expensive territory, there’s a life-sized toy of Frozen Solo coming soon from Sideshow Toys that you can use for your rumpus room, or…pretend is your best friend who can never leave you, or…look, the more we think of uses for this, the more creeped-out we get.  Moving on…

And finally, the Han Solo in Carbonite Coffee Table, good for Sunday Brunch with your fellow fan-friends, and possibly an excuse to remind them what will happen if they don’t pay back that loan you gave them like two years ago.

The new Solo business card case will be available, along with an R2-D2 one, in August.  Planning to get it?