Blu-ray Review: Scream Factory’s ‘Terrorvision’/’The Video Dead’ – It Came From The TV!

In a perfect world (without all of those pesky media rights), Scream Factory’s double-feature disc with “TerrorVision” (1986) and “The Video Dead” (1987) would have included a better companion than the latter film–maybe Tobe Hooper’s “Poltergeist” or “Anguish.” The alien invasion via TV sci-fi comedy “TerrorVision” is effective in its own broad terms at poking fun at the kinky/strange side of life in the ’burbs in the 80’s that it deflates the rather aimless (and toothless) “The Video Dead” by comparison.

“The Video Dead” has its fans–certainly someone at Scream Factory thought it was worth the time and effort to assemble the materials to make this movie look as good as it does over 25 years later. But it’s really a movie of loose parts that betray the helter skelter way the film was put together on a shoestring budget by friends and locals out in the woods. This no-budget film (but it’s got heart, I tell you) focuses on the Blair siblings, would-be aerobics instructor Zoe (Roxanna Augesen) and slacker Jeff (Rocky Duvall), encounter a bedeviled boob tube that spits out zombies when they move into their new home.

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