Her Universe Declares 'Year of the Fangirl'!



Happy Wednesday, everyone! I know it’s been a while but I’m back with more exciting news from Her Universe!

Last week, the forever wonderful Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ashoka Tano from The Clone Wars, launched a new campaign called “Year of the Fan Girl!” The campaign will feature a different fangirl every day showing her diversity, dreams, and interests. Featured fangirls will be selected from submissions by both fans and a team of 5 fangirl contributors personally selected by Ashley. They are on the global lookout for individual stories of every day female fans! Woo hoo!

I’ve known Ashley for several years now through the "Star Wars" community, and she’s one of the most amazing women I’ve eve met. She is such a huge fangirl herself and is always finding ways to bring the fangirl community even closer together.

"From day one, it's been very important to me to make Her Universe a positive and supportive community for fangirls," said Ashley. "I've traveled the nation over the past 2 ½ years with Her Universe and I have been inspired by so many amazing women. There are several great outlets that highlight fangirl celebrities and pop culture news but I wanted to create a place where we will share the stories of everyday women who are proudly letting their geek flag fly! If she considers herself a fangirl, we want to hear her story!"

Ashley encourages fangirls to submit their choice via www.heruniverse.com for a "Fangirl of the Day" on the Her Universe website. Fangirls of any age can be nominated and profiled; however, fangirls under the age of 13 must be nominated by their parent or guardian. Once completed, individuals can submit the form on the site, and attach a photo (optional). Each day, Ashley and the fangirl volunteers, will spotlight a "Fangirl of the Day" on both the Her Universe website and its social media platforms. Wow, that is so awesome!

Here's her team of 5 fangirl contributors:


Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein (above left) and the 5 fangirl contributors who will be assisting Eckstein in searching for stories of fangirls from around the world are, from top to bottom (L to R): Tricia Barr, Erin Kelahan, Amy Ratcliffe, Victoria Schmidt, and Lillian Skye.


Amy Ratcliffe - A freelance writer, "Star Wars" enthusiast, Twitter addict and all-around geek who enjoys most things sci-fi and fantasy. Amy has written about comics, cosplay, conventions, and other topics around the internet and in print. Amy’s a personal friend of mine and we see each other regularly at the Cons. We even went to Star Wars In Concert together at the Hollywood Bowl and were blown away.

Tricia Barr - A professional engineer, author, and founder of FANgirl Blog, which focuses on discussing "Star Wars," strong female characters, and storytelling.

Erin Kelahan - A longtime sci-fi/fantasy fangirl and passionate supporter of Her Universe and fangirls everywhere. Erin's goal in life is to help as many people as possible find and embrace their inner geek.

Victoria Schmidt - A veteran cosplayer "Scruffy Rebel," and co-founder of the geek girl fashion and style blog, Set To Stunning. A geek fashion trendsetter who has spent her life devoted to a broad range of fandoms.

Lillian Skye - A "Star Wars" fan since before she could hold a lightsaber, now a junior in high school, Lillian writes for a student run publication published weekly by the Tampa Bay Times and has her own blog for geek chic Star Wars fans called Fangirls in the Force.

Please please take a moment to nominate your fellow friends and fangirls. This is such a great opportunity for fangirls to unite and get some recognition! More opportunities for “Year of the Fangirl” will be available throughout this year, so keep checking back on www.heruniverse.com for more details.

Hurray, Ashley!! Get it grrrl!!