'Community' To Put Their Hands Inside The Puppet Heads


During their panel at this year's PaleyFest, the cast and crew of "Community" announced that the study group will be puppet-fied in an upcoming episode.

According to the official press release, Jason Alexander will guest-star as a "friendly mountain man" to whom the group recounts their adventures in the wilderness following a "wild balloon ride"* crash. Each character's tale will be recounted using puppets. All the regular members of the study group will have a felt and foam counterpart -- including Chang -- that was designed by Scott Johnson, Drew Massey, and their teams, who were also responsible for the puppet-centric "Angel" episode.

Also in the panel, executive producer Tristram Shapeero said that Fred Willard -- who you'll recall played Pierce Hawthorne in Abed's sitcom-esque memories -- was “such a gentleman to work with” and said if the show goes to a fifth season “we’ll have to cook something up,” leading many to believe that Willard could break out of fantasyland and join the group full-time as a replacement for Chevy Chase, who quit the show in November.

* Ugh

[Source: Deadline]