'Adventure Time' Recap: 'The Great Bird Man' And 'You Made Me'


By Kendra Beltran

Each week Adventure Time dishes out two episodes and sometimes both cause endless laughter...but this was not one of those weeks. However, there was a clear dominant episode this week. Lemongrab, will you marry me?

Let’s get the other out of the way though. “The Great Bird Man” was a walk down memory lane for Finn and Jake as they searched for the “bird man.” They discover he’s just Xergoik looking rough. Poor guy was missing his eyes and acting like the leader of a “god is on the way” convent. Jake and Finn notice Xergoik’s eyes aren’t gone, just in his beard but aren’t quick to let him know. They fear sight will turn him back into the mean spirited goblin king he once was.

And frankly, that’s exactly the direction I thought the plot heading toward. Fast forward, they tell him about his eyes, he heads to the goblin kingdom to wreak havoc. Me, Jake and Finn were right in the predictable storyline. Don’t worry, Xergoik decides to go blind again and heads into a nearby lake, falling instantly in love with a mermaid. No huge laughs left my body, except for Xergoik’s song and dance through the clouds; it was at that point that I knew what ecstasy was probably like.


I felt like I didn’t even have to tune in until “You Made Me” started, because that’s where all the LOL’s were. After the Banana Guards reveal Lemongrab’s been creeping in everyone’s rooms at night, Princess Bubblegum feels the need to investigate. Lemongrab blames her for him feeling so alone and no one understanding him. Was Lemongrab Princess Bubblegum’s teenage daughter at one point?

Anyways, Princess Bubblegum makes three Candy Kingdom residents head to Lemongrab’s hood so he stops lurking them at night. The Pup Gang, which I’d like to rename Bebe’s Kids, head over there and ruin the plan. Lemongrab’s huge meltdown may as well be likened to Jennifer Lawrence’s in "Silver Linings Playbook" as he takes hostages. Everything ends well with Princess Bubblegum creating a second Lemongrab. Now there’s two Lemongrabs…So when are they getting their spinoff?


Here’s to hoping that next week delivers two hits and no misses and more Lemgongrab!