The Hold Steady Records Song For 'Game of Thrones'


The outstanding Brooklyn band The Hold Steady recorded the racous drinking song, "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" for the upcoming third season of "Game of Thrones." The song was written by "Thrones" author George R.R. Martin and show composer Ramin Djawadi. Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weis told EW:

This is one of the most popular songs in Westeros, beloved by nobles and commoners alike, sung at taverns and feasts and etc. We wanted our rendition to be bawdy and a little sloppy — drunken musicians getting up on the table and jamming while the rowdy party continues around them. There was no one better for the job than the Hold Steady, and the song they delivered has been stuck in our heads for the last four weeks.

This isn't the first time HBO has had hip acts perform song from Westeros. The National previously recorded “The Rains of Castemere” for season two.

The Hold Steady will release a 7" featuring the song for this year's Record Store Day on April 20.

"The Bear and the Maiden Fair" is featured in "A Clash of Kings," "A Storm of Swords," and "Feast for Crows." Martin's lyrics are below:

"A bear there was,"

"A bear, A BEAR!

"All black and brown,"

"And covered with hair!

"Oh come they said,"

"Oh come to the fair!"

"The fair? said he,

"But I'm a bear!"

"All black and brown,"

"And covered in hair!"

"And down the road,"

"From here to there,"

"From here!To there!"

"Three boys, a goat,"

"And a dancing bear!"

"They danced and spun,"

"All the way to the fair!"

"Oh! sweet she was,"

"And pure and fair,"

"The maid with honey,"

"In her hair! Her hair,"

"The maid with honey,"

"in her hair!"

The bear smelled the scent,

"On the summer air!"

"The Bear! The Bear!"

"All black and brown,"

"And covered with hair!"

"He smelled the scent,"

"On the summer air,"

"He sniffed and roared,"

"And smelled it there!"

"Honey on the summer air!"

"Oh I'm a maid,"

"And I'm pure and fair,"

"I'll never dance,"

"With a hairy bear,"

"A bear! A bear!"

"I'll never dance,"

"With a hairy bear!"

"The bear,the bear!"

"Lifted her high,"

into the air!"

The bear, the bear!"

"I called for a knight!"

"But you're a bear!"

"A bear! A bear,"

"All black and brown,"

"And cover in hair!"

"She kicked and wailed,"

"The maid so fair,"

"But he licked the honey,"

"From her hair!"

"Her hair! Her hair!"

"He licked the honey,"

"From her hair!"

"Then she sighed and squealed,"

"And kicked the air,"

"She sang: My bear so fair,"

"And off they went,"

"The bear! The bear!"

"And the maiden fair!"

[Source: EW]