Spider-Man Shoots To Kill In Latest Comic; Should Superheroes Use Guns?

 crop Superior_Spider-Man__5_cover_by_Giuseppe_Camuncoli

What's that? Spider-Man shooting a bad guy point-blank in the head: PKOW!

Is this the Spidey we grew up with over myriad cartoons and comic books?

Well...not really. (Spoilers to follow)

"Superior Spider-Man" #5, hitting stores today, will no doubt add to the debate over firearm use in the United States. In the issue, a terrorist appropriately named Massacre takes over Grand Central Station. It's up to Spider-Man to save the day. Which he does. By shooting the man in the head.


Only, as we've learned earlier in the controversial  "Amazing Spider-Man" #700, that really isn't Peter Parker wearing the webs...but his arch-enemy Doctor Octopus. So our beloved Parker is seemingly untouched by this act of violence. Right?

Then, there is the issue that Massacre is not a very nice guy...so is removing him from the world to protect countless others such a bad thing?

Should superheroes kill? Are there instances where they have no choice? Should they ever use guns?

Or are images like this problematic:


This is a very complex issue with many points of view. We'd love to hear what you think!