'Superman Unchained' Bridges Gap Between 'Man of Steel' Movie And Comics


Following the announcement that Greg Pak and Jae Lee will team up to team up Batman and Superman on "Batman/Superman" and with the "Man of Steel" movie on the horizon, DC is putting two of its top dogs, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee on the special movie tie-in series, now officially titled "Superman Unchained."

According to Jim Lee, one of the challenges that he and Snyder encountered was a pressure to create a Superman that was in-tune with their ideas of who the Man of Steel is. He said that "Unchained" was their opportunity to fittingly break free from the chains that bound not only their creative impulses, but Superman himself, saying that it will "will speak to a new generation of readers."

Snyder added:

The way to approach a character as iconic as him is you just come at it from a standpoint of what you love the most about the character, and then write a story that explores that, tear it down and build it back up.


You'll get your first look at what Snyder and Lee have been cooking up on May 4, 2013 with a special Free Comic Book Day issue that will show off a huge action sequence featuring Superman breaking free from those chains that need to be un-ed.

No yet word on how this comic ties into Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained."

[Source: USA Today]

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