'The Walking Dead': Michonne Isn't Going To Play The "Where's Carl?" Game

wdBy Jorge Solis

This was an interesting episode of "The Walking Dead," quite possibly the best of this third season. In case you missed the repeat of "Clear," check out this recap that MTV Splashpage has in store for you. The episode saw Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Carl (Chandler Riggs) in their own twisted buddy cop movie, as they set out to find a lost picture, while dealing with their trust issues towards each other.

Spoilers Ahead!

In the previous episode, "I Ain't A Judas," there was a great interaction between Carl and his father, Rick (Andrew Lincoln). Carl is juggling between his two sides, the good son and the good soldier. As a son, Carl doesn't want his father to get mad at him when he speaks his mind. As a soldier, he is telling his captain to step down and let someone else take charge. In this episode, "Clear," viewers follow-up on Rick's decision to choose Carl and Michonne as they make a road trip back to his hometown.

While Rick is dealing with the sudden reappearance of Morgan (Lennie James), Carl asks to go outside and get a crib for his baby sister, Judith. Michonne knows Carl is lying to his father and covers up the lies with him, on the condition she goes along. Carl, being the sneaky ninja that he is, loses Michonne as soon as they step out into the walker-infested streets. So many times Laurie has looked for her lost son and never found him. But this time, Michonne isn't going to ask, "Where's Carl?" and keeps a close eye on him.


After what happened in Woodbury, Carl thinks Michonne is going to desert him, but she actually wants to be part of Rick's team. By the time they reach the bar, which is holding the only Grimes family portrait, Michonne and Carl are in sync as they try to evade the walkers. Just when things were going smoothly, the walkers suddenly start to grow in numbers. The first thing Michonne does is reach out for Carl's hand and she holds onto him tightly, protecting him from danger.

Earlier before, Carl shoots Morgan at point-blank range. After being told by Rick to get back in the car, Carl stayed during the shooting and put himself in danger. Outside the bar, Michonne orders Carl to stay put and he obediently follows. After waiting outside, Carl sees Michonne return with the missing photo. Michonne is able to do something that Rick and Laurie struggled with before, put their child in check.


After stabbing Rick, Morgan beats out Shane and becomes only one who came the closest to killing him. Morgan warns Rick he will eventually lose his son, just like he lost Duane. If viewers notice the town map Morgan drew, the entire block where Rick and his family lived was burnt down; there is nothing left of their home. The difference is, Carl has Michonne to protect him, but is that enough to survive "The Walking Dead?"