The Vampire Diaries: You'll Be Shocked To Know Who's Coming Back!

tumblr_m6rvrlFbN71ra2xd4o1_500By Kendra Beltran

Lexi Branson isn’t back for good, but at least we’ll get to see her, right? Stefan’s BFF won’t be in the present, but in flashbacks throughout "Vampire Diaries" episode 17, airing March 21st.

That episode takes a look back at Damon and Stefan in the 1970’s. Can we expect some Studio 54 action? Let’s hope so. All that far-out stuff aside, the main focus of the episode will be on Caroline and Stefan joining forces to convince Klaus that they’d be better as a trio to find Silas. Other than that potential kick-ass triad, there’s something brewing between a delightful pair; Damon and Elena. Those two let all the supernatural take a backseat and head off to New York City for a getaway. That must be what causes Damon’s mind to swirl into Lexi-filled memories.

Makes you think that Lexi and Damon had a little something -- something going on back in the day. Speaking of which, can you really blame the girl? No wonder Stefan’s butthurt over Elena. Damon’s always getting the girl. I could be jumping to conclusions, because maybe Damon and Lexi were just taking on the Big Apple to fight some enemies. Yeah, that’s it. Let’s hope so for poor third wheel Stefan’s sake.

Watch to see what Lexi and Damon were up to in the 70’s in the new episode, “Because the Night,” on March 21st on The CW at 8pm!

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