Celebrate The 'Batman' Trilogy With This 'Movie Masters' 3-Pack Exclusive!


By Zack Smith

Fans of Christian Bale as Batman in Christopher Nolan's films are about to have all the Bale-Bat Toys they could want -- a new Toys R US Exclusive Three-Pack, "The Dark Knight Trilogy," features "Movie Masters" versions of Batman from all three films in one affordable package.

As seen above, the three-pack features Batman in his initial costume from Batman Begins, revealed as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight, and a really, really PO'd version from last summer's The Dark Knight Rises.

The "Movie Masters" line features highly detailed, articulated figures based closely on the film designs and actor likenesses.  If this is successful, we're hoping for some more combo packs featuring the "Movie Masters" versions of such allies as Commissioner Gordon, Alfred and Catwoman, and such film antagonists as Scarecrow, Ra's al Guhl, Two-Face,  Bane and of course Heath Ledger's Joker, whose "Movie Masters" figure has unsurprisingly been hard to find.

The set retails for $44.99, and can be ordered online here.

Are you planning to get this set -- and would you like to see more?  Let us know!