Are You Ready For A 'Captain Power' Revival?

Captain Power Screencap by Zack


By Zack Smith

Continuing the trend of “anything from the 1980s can come back,” Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future might be returning, in more than just toy form.

Plans have been out for months to revive the lesser-known but fondly-remembered live-action 1980s SF show, and two of the new show’s writers recently posted on Twitter plans for a new line of toys.

Following up on the show’s Tumblr, writers Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens revealed the following:

We had a meeting with someone from Mattel. We have a first look deal with them, but [we] strongly feel this new show should not have any toys at the moment. It’s not really where we want the focus to be at. What we’re aiming for is a line of highly detailed Classic Captain Power figures along the lines of Masters of the Universe Classics for adult collectors. 

We’ll see how everything turns out. 

A new line of highly-detailed adult collectibles would be an interesting turn for Captain Power – especially considering some of the ground-breaking ideas behind the original toy line.  Here's some pics of the toys from our good friends at Crowemag Toys!


For those who don’t remember, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future was a syndicated SF show aimed at younger viewers that aired in 1987.  Taking a cue from films like The Terminator, the show was set in a post-apocalyptic future where the titular captain and his troops battled against “Bio-Dreads,” early-CGI creatures controlled by the cybernetic Lord Dread in an effort to “digitize” the human race.

The dark, downbeat premise and vividly-realized world made Captain Power a fan favorite (here’s a longer piece I wrote about it when it came out on DVD in late 2011), but the show was most known – and most controversial for – its toy line, which used unique light guns with sensors to let viewers “interact” with the show’s battles.


Parents were already wary of the fact that TV shows were being used to sell toys to kids – toys, let’s face it, said parents had to pay for – and weren’t happy with the ads that encouraged kids to “help” Captain Power by buying his merchandise.

Still, you got to admit that’s one friggin’ awesome commercial.

The series got renewed attention with the DVDs’ release, and last September it was officially announced that a revival series, Captain Power: Phoenix Rising with the Reeves-Stevens, veterans of the series, heading the writing staff.

A few chrome outfits and hairstyles aside, the old series still holds up – and a revival could be a really fun, cool show that could build on the mythology established by the old series.  And new toys could be fun as well.  The toys for the old line had some nifty chrome paint on their armor, but the limbs snapped easily and the light-gun technology didn’t work that well (as demonstrated on a G4 “Your Childhood Sucked” segment where Captain Power himself, Tim Dunigan, showed up).


So a chance to get a new show and an updated toy line with better sculpting, articulation and more?  AWESOME!  Especially if they do wind up going with Mattel, and get the Four Horsemen to design them.  Finally, Captain Power and Lord Dread could battle without fear of their arms and legs getting snapped!

They can go without making Dread’s obnoxious servent Lakki, though.  No one liked him.


Keep in mind that a lot of positive feedback from fans would show Mattel or other companies that there’d be an audience willing to buy these new toys if they were made – so let us know if you’d be up for a new line of Captain Power toys!  And if you haven’t seen the series before, check out the DVDs!

Power On!

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