ECCC 2013: Gillian Anderson On 'X-Files,' 'Hannibal,' And.. Fanfic?


Gillian Anderson, who'll be appearing in NBC's "Hannibal," warned fans that they should set their expectations very low for her panel; she joked that she didn't remember much from "The X-Files."

But she happily talked about her time post-"X-Files," holding court in a funny ECCC 2013 panel where she poked holes at her own career.

So much of Scully came from what series creator Chris Carter wrote through nine seasons of "The X-Files." When asked about her character as a feminist icon, Anderson says she can't take credit for the character. It's evident that the character had a impact on the fans--the queue of con attendees standing up to ask questions was predominantly female, asking everything from the feminist impact of Scully, to her relationship with David Duchovny (it was complicated), to what her thoughts are on slashfic (she hasn't heard of it, wants to know if it's dirty).

You would be surprised at the number of fans who came to the microphone, finding their words after a couple of minutes trying to figure out their questions, who gushed about the influence Anderson and her role as Scully had in their lives. One or two said they wouldn't be the women they were today if not for the character, while a couple of men expressed their unabashed love for Anderson as a performer.

When a fan asked about writing and directing her own episode in season 7, she says that she barely recalls the process of getting it written between scenes, but at some point Frank Spotnitz was assigned to mentor her on the production. She remembers feeling like a kid in a candy store in spite of wanting to quit five days into production.

Reflecting on her time working alongside "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan, Anderson quipped that the writer-director doesn't look at all like what you'd think. She talked about how surprising his unassuming manner and Southern accent are.

Anderson talked about her role of Stella Gibson in the upcoming BBC series "The Fall" where she plays an Inspector General brought in for a 29-day review on a cold case. Anderson, who spent nine years as Scully on "The X-Files" says that after the series, she spent a lot of time deliberately avoiding law enforcement roles, hoping to get away from being trapped by the specter of her famed FBI Agent. In "The Fall," she'll be playing an Englishwoman visiting Belfast, working with the local police to resurrect a case that's plagued by corrupt politicians.


Anderson in the BBC's "The Fall"

On choosing roles, Anderson says she takes roles as they come to her, and with the Dickens work she's done (she played Miss Havisham in an adaptation of "Great Expectations"), she said she jumped at those roles. Oh her role as Ms. Castaway, she says that there was little to no makeup involved (to the surprise of the audience). Anderson, who grew up in London, says that a British accent comes to her naturally when she's around other Brits.

She doesn't really act method--she says she's able to disconnect from her characters. At the same time, she says she'd hesitate to acting in a contemporarily crazy role. She says part of that disconnect comes from having her daughter waiting for her in her trailer and having to switch into mommy mode.


Anderson as Miss Havisham in "Great Expectations" (2011)

Asked about her role as the Wolf Goddess in Studio Ghibli's "Princess Mononoke," she says that she actually tried to match the deep tone of the transgendered performer in the original Japanese voice cast. Anderson says she's been a fan for years, her daughter growing up on the works of Studio Ghibli. She's worked with Studio Ghibli again in the Olympic drama "From Up on Poppy Hill."

Anderson has a three-episode arc in "Hannibal" which premieres in April, where she plays Lecter's shrink in the final batch of episodes. She also has a pilot on the way for NBC.

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