ECCC 2013: DC's New 52 Comes To Seattle


David Finch ("Justice League"), Scott Snyder ("Batman"), Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes ("Justice League Dark"), Ethan Van Sciver ("Batman"), Gail Simone ("Batgirl), "the most refined man in comics," James Robinson ("Earth 2"), and more loaded up a crowded stage to talk all things DC Comics during Emerald City Comic-Con.

Fawkes kicked off the panel talking about the Pandora solo book, "Trinity of Sin: Pandora" featuring the mysterious character who's woven her way through the New 52. The series, which starts in June will feature Pandora taking revenge on heroes and villains alike after shouldering the blame for opening the box of sins that are responsible for the state of the new universe. Fawkes: "She's going to kill and kill and kill."

Matt Kindt ("Mind MGMT") talked about writing backups for "Justice League of America," and the challenge of writing the Martian Manhunter. He worried that Superman would be difficult but that the Martian Manhunter is like Superman, only psychic. The character's story as an infiltrator into the League will play out in the backups.


Talking about "Batman," Scott Snyder says artist Greg Capullo made him promise to thank the fans for their support. Issue #18 will deal with the fallout to "Batman Incorporated" 18, focusing on Harper Row, leaving "Batman and Robin" to deal with the affect of Damien's much-spoiled death. Going forward, "Batman" will be dealing with Bruce as a solo character in a new storyline that Snyder says is so far his favorite story.

When a fan asked why the Bat-line of books didn't get a hard reboot along with the rest of the New 52, Snyder says that the Bat writers' impulse was to keep the series going with the stories that they were excited about. Subsequently, they've seen some of those planned storylines shifting a bit.

"Talon," the Court of Owls book, promises that in future issues we will meet the current Grand Master of the secretive group that has controlled Gotham since its inception. He also said we could look forward to the cast getting fleshed out more in the coming months.

Speaking of Gotham characters, Nightwing will be moving to Chicago later this year as fallout from "Death of the Family." Kyle Higgins says that in the upcoming storyline, Chicago is a city without superheroes.

Jeff Lemire on "Animal Man" says that post "Rotworld," the book will focus on the impact of celebrity on the Baker family. Speaking of "Rotworld," Scott Snyder thanked fans for following his work on "Swamp Thing."

Lemire says that he'll be digging into "Green Arrow" continuity when he starts his run on the book with issue #17. He's been fascinated by some of the character's rogues gallery and wanted to explore them going forward.

Ethan Van Sciver, who's jumping onto "Batman: The Dark Knight" with Greg Hurwitz, thanked David Finch for the quality of the book up until now. He says that Hurwitz has done things to make his least favorite Batman villain the Mad Hatter interesting here and promised that we can see a hug, life-changing decision in Bruce's life with issue #18.

Gail Simone will be introducing a new, female Ventriloquist with issue #20 of "Batgirl." Showing off a piece of art with a skeletal woman holding a Batgirl dummy, Gail says that the character has a twisted grudge against the world and this definitely won't be a lightning of "Batgirl" post-"Death of the Family." Simone is also starting on "The Movement" about disaffected superpowered youths fighting for the people. That book is coming out in May.


James Robison promised that in the "Earth 2" annual, we can expect to see a story focusing on Steel as well as the introduction of the Batman of Earth 2. Robinson promised that the character would be integral to the series. Showing a promotional image from the book, this character (whose identity hasn't been revealed) will be sporting a red and dark blue-ish costume.Final

Finally, the Reverse Flash will be making his debut in "The Flash," although not the Zolomon version we're used to while "World's Finest" will be another book dealing with the fallout of "Death of the Family."

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