ECCC 2013: It's 'Adventure Time' In The Emerald City!


The Land of Ooo came to ECCC this weekend as BOOM! Comics' KaBOOM! imprint brought along some of the creators behind the hit "Adventure Time" comics. Line editor Shannon Watters was joined by "Adventure Time" writer Ryan North and artists Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb along with "Fionna and Cake" miniseries writer/artist Natash Allegri.

Here's what the panelists talked about for the first year of "Adventure Time" comics (and what's happening beyond).

The panel started with a read-along from an exclusive story from the "Adventure Time" hardcover which received a Con-exclusive edition for this weekend. Writer Ryan North read through a story where he's dropped himself into the book explaning how he gets "Adventure Time" stories written.

North explained that he has a full month to write each issue, but actually spends about three hours a page to get the jokes just write. He joked that he places a lot of work on his artists with such notes as "This hug is so intense, the reader should be blinded by it." Allegri says that in a day, she can knock out two or three pages a day, averaging a couple of weeks per issue.

Watters joined in, reading from the upcoming issue #14, where some out-of-control hacking knock poor B-mo out of commission by the virus Kewlboy. The issue features Jake being used as a giant fist by Marceline to take out Kewlboy in this issue which is currently out to print.

We also got to see some pencils from issue #15 which features a princess tea party in the woods (Jake and Finn aren't invited because it's princessess-only). The panel features new-to-the-comics character Lamprey Princess (introduced last year), and an out of control Lumpy Space Princess. Unfortunately, the whole soiree is crashed by that jerk Magic Man. North on this standalone issue appearance of the Jakesuit (Finn wheres Jake like a muscle suit): "it's the ultimate expression of friendship." This will be the first issue of "Adventure TIme" that's not inked digitally, done using ink and paper by Paroline and Lamb.


(l. to r.: North, Allegri, Paroline, and Lamb)

When KaBOOM! considered a "Fionna and Cake" miniseries (the third issue is out next Wednesday), Allegri wanted to pitch for the book, but her work on the show and experience with the characters made her a natural fit, Watters explained. Allegri says that since the whole story is fan fiction inside of the Ice King's head, she was able to go wherever she wanted with the story.

Allegri on her process: she locks herself in her bedroom with her cat, some cat food, and a music video on YouTube on loop (Lamb added that the "Katamari Damacy" soundtrack is the best for the kind of work that they're doing). She added that compared to writing for the show, writing the comics offered more freedom to her. Her favorite character to draw is Fionna, but she says her favorite to draw is Lumpy Space Prince (who hasn't been introduced in the comic yet). Watters says that the gender-swapped prince will have a tiny little mustache. Allegri then read from a scene in the upcoming issue with Fionna and Cake slaughtering some candy skeletons. This is far more gruesome than you can image.


Speaking of favorites, Shelli Paroline says that Marceline is one that she particularly enjoys drawing given how stylish the character is. She digs the princesses as well and teased the upcoming Skateboard Princess. Lamb said Jake was his personal favorite to draw.

Plus, in April, we can expect an OGN (black and white, manga digest-style)!

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